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08-01-2014, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Just thought it was funny that you singled out Germany for criticism in that thread on the basis of one game and complete with prognostication about Germany not going far based on that one game. In the end any of those posts were of course rendered silly. Which of course they were at the time when I called them out.

Surely you can see your see how pointless those specific posts of yours were.

It was a group stage match and with Germany known to have less than stellar second matches in groups. Didn't mean much and most pundits said so at the time..

Still think Ghana was a tough match for Germany. Just the way matchups line up sometimes. It was a match I was worried about. Some sides can give others trouble. Ghana has the players that can do that.

Explosive finish as well Ghana blew too shots by the best goalie in the world. Who else did that? Nobody.
I made a comment on one game, as is my right, whether you think it's "pointless" or not.

You lied multiple times to make it look like I claimed Germany was a crap team.

They completely deserved to win the WC because they were the best team. I saw them have one sub par game far below their standards which they did not have again.

Doesn't change the fact that you tried to make up stuff to discredit me, as you have done to many others on many matters.

Good on you to bring up the World Cup in a CFL thread though. Go team integrity!

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