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Originally Posted by Ol' Jase View Post
I made a comment on one game, as is my right, whether you think it's "pointless" or not.

You lied multiple times to make it look like I claimed Germany was a crap team.

They completely deserved to win the WC because they were the best team. I saw them have one sub par game far below their standards which they did not have again.

Doesn't change the fact that you tried to make up stuff to discredit me, as you have done to many others on many matters.

Good on you to bring up the World Cup in a CFL thread though. Go team integrity!
Have you not tried to discredit me several times on this board in say the past year?

I seem to recall those regular occurrences, apparently you don't.

I'm fine with moving on. But singularly calling me out on this thread for discrediting you is beyond the pale given your own actions.

Maybe a ceasefire could be hoped for

I'm sure the board hopes for it.

I'm, done and moving on fine sir. You're an intelligent lad and we should both be engaging better than this.

You can have the last word.

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