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08-01-2014, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Responding in kind. Surely you can see that.

Anybody can search your posting history for how many times you've attempted just this.

In anycase lest anybody take you or me too seriously, love the prognostication btw, thanks. ;

In any case we all have our glass houses on the internet and particularly posters posting a lot get stuff they can all be called on just for probability and sheer number of posts made. But why do it?

Lets cease and desist? Shall we?

Or who gets the last volley of shots off?

Its pointless continuing our exchange in this way. But its a slow work day so who knows..

Personally I loved how Germany played in the WC. ymmv
In Ol Jase's defense, Germany did suck balls in that last minute against Brazil when they gave up a goal. Had they not already built up a seven goal lead they'd have been in big trouble. Most of the good teams had a sub par game in the group stage certainly no reason to write anybody off on the basis of one game.

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