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08-01-2014, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Psycho Dad View Post
I have an issue with people who use muddy stats like corsi to conclude that since players played better with Arcobello than without him in the first 14 games, that means he can hack it as a 2C.

Given a choice between a "fish out of water" LW Hall, Arcobello, a hard minutes Gordon, or Acton (lol), who might you play better with?

Or, not even play better with, but get more floaty shots on net while you're down 2 goals and your opponent is cruising to another easy win? Let's ignore the fact that Arcobello didn't score a single goal in those dominant first 14 games, or that Eberle carried him in a nice picnic basket most of the way. Those 10 assists remind me one hell of a lot of Gagner (assist leech), yet with praise from HF Oil instead of loathing.

Mindblowing. If Gagner wore 26 when he came back after injury, he might still be starting the season at 2C. Who is that scrappy young mid-20s upstart? I like him!

I can't understand how some guy spent several HOURS with a bunch of stats and homemade parameters to prove Arcobello's worth, while disregarding the team's situation entirely. Seriously.
I'm somewhat comforted that theres still people here that realize detail like this and how impactful it potentially is to advanced stats.

Too many systemic events occur in hockey that are not isolated and do not "equal out with the mix" as Corsicologists like to believe. Of course a player playing a select segment of games in a topsix role where the club was getting blown out and behind nearly all the time is going to result in some strange artifice in the stats. That so much is made of such a weird 10 game sample is mindblowing.

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