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08-01-2014, 07:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Aerchon View Post
I could/should just chalk this up to agree to disagree. When two people have perfectly opposite opinions there is no real common ground. But you never seem to get to worked up so even tho we go round in circles the dance has not tired me out yet.

Much as you find my logic interesting I would say the same for yours. A small sample but overall positive sample gives a reason for optimism IMO. A long sample size but overall negative gives reason for pessimism. Just how I see it and I am generally more pessimistic than optimistic.

I also am not sure why you would say he is a career AHLer. He has followed more of a detriot model for his development. Does Detroit just toss career AHLers into the league and hope they stick? It seems to be working well for them.

Also, even tho the Oilers are terrible at bringing in and developing talent from within you can't just give up and never even attempt it again. Lander, Pitlick, and Arco are our guys that "should" be graduating to full time NHL duty... Lol, I said duty. Their play, draft pedigree (for Pit & Land), and age would put any of these guys as "graduating" types from any organization. Whether they take the ball and run or fall flat on their face is the same crap shoot every organization takes.

It will be interesting to see how Arco and Gagner do in their respective roles/teams. We may well both be wrong as both players could fail as the odds are 50/50 at best for either succeeding IMO.
Its the way you stated that you "have to base your assumptions on something" that I found interesting. To me theres a lot wrong with that statement and like I said the choice to "not assume" is perfectly valid.

For instance it takes a large leap of faith to say a career AHler with barely a sniff in the NHL and that we've all seen play is gonna be a valid topsix NHL Player. Logically speaking the probability that a career NHL that has been in that role always is more likely to continue to be.

In that, the bolded is extremely curious. A betting man takes that bet anytime and I have. Gagner has already succeeded and stormed his way into the NHL at age 18. An undrafted Arco hasn't been good enough to break an NHL roster ever and required both of the topsix Centers on the worst club in NHL to be injured to get inserted. We aren't even having this discussion about Arco NHL suitability if both RNH and Gagner weren't injured to start the season.

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