Thread: News Article: Edmonton Oilers: Wait and See at 2C
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08-02-2014, 03:20 AM
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I think everyone here would want a more safe bet than Arco, Lander, Draisaitl. The question is just who.
Sure if we're willing to give up potential for stop gaps. Or if we're looking at a big trade including some of our core guys, but in that case you have to find a willing partner and a trade that actually benefits us and it really isn't as simple as it is just posting trading proposals. Or overpay for a free agent, though outside of maybe Grabovski there wasn't much out there, Statsny was never coming here no matter what. I could have lived with Legwand but who knows if was ever interested in us. Thing is we're no free agent hot bed.

Maybe taking on Lecavaliers contract for scraps and hoping he bounces back and keeps his play up until his contract ends could have payed off, but that's one massive gamble, imo a bigger gamble than giving it 10-15 games to see if these guys can at least keep their heads over the water.

There are some possible trades out there, Berglund(who is overrated around here but is a solid NHLer in a middle six role and still has room to take a step or two) might get caught in a numbers game, Detroits lack of right hand shots might open up a trading option and so forth but I think all those teams wants to see what they have in training camp before making any moves.

If we're just looking for a warm body I'd rather throw what we have in the water and see if it floats.

Thing is, unless we're adding something substantial without giving up something substantial, which is kinda tricky, we're at best a bubble playoff team next season(unless the majority of our youngsters suddenly explodes onto the scene) and thus I don't see the point in giving up assets to slightly improve.

In the case of Arco I think just looking at him as a 26 year old AHLer who hasn't established himself in the NHL yet is a bit unfair. He obviously is. But he's also taken steps forward every season since he left college. He may very well have plateaued but if you look at his trajectory season to season it's still pointing upwards. He's at the hardest step to take in his career and this is pretty much make or break for him but just writing him off at this point is still unfair imo. People clearly looks at his performance last year differently, I think he had some things that might suggest he can make it, but he clearly needs to improve further. Also he may have been 25, but last year was his rookie season and he has shown the ability to learn before. Surprising to see you of all people being such an ageist Replacement...

Lander is younger than Arco however his trajectory hasn't been as steadily upwards as Arcobellos. But over the last two seasons he's been improving with every year and last year he mastered the AHL as a twoway center with leadership abilities. I already think he can play in the NHL as defense first #4C who can temp on the 3rd line, he's also a top 3 PKer amongst the forwards on our roster. With him it's all about getting the scoring at a somewhat decent level.

Both these guys have worked their way up and they've deserved to at least get a good look.

Just one more tidbit. I wasn't a fan of letting Gagner go, though I sort of understand that the situation for him was starting to become impossible. But I think we sold when he was on a real low, imo he looked improved in the shortened 12/13 season and also seemed to be quicker preseason last year until Kassian decided to practice his swing on Gagners face, add to that a career low S%, a disaster of a coach and defensive system and you have a guy who likely hit the lowest point of his career last year. That's trading when value is real low.
But whatever the case with Gagner, he isn't on the team anymore so who's better between him and Arco doesn't really matter anymore.

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