Thread: News Article: Edmonton Oilers: Wait and See at 2C
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08-02-2014, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
No I'm not at all. I'm stating a guy that is 26yrs old who hasn't had much of a sniff at the NHL while belonging to the weakest NHL lineup in the league hasn't turned any heads. Its laugh a minute stuff that theres actual suggestions that Arco would make the topsix on a lot of teams and get interest from other orgs in that capacity. Man if you can't crack the worst team I doubt theres a role anywhere in the NHL. This is not basing on limited sample. Its looking at the career path of an AHL player.

hyperbole. he doesn't drive any offense, he was along for a short ride. Before the team expectedly demoted him again.

Having discussions on this player is oddly reminiscent of discussion on someone like Omark. people see some moderate skill set displayed in a lesser league and think that the type of plays made translate meaningfully to the NHL.

Arco does not possess an NHL topsix skillset. At best he would drag such a line down.
I think you are starting to be very selective with your logic.

Arco is most certainly weak because he can't break the oilers roster. And the oilers are a last place team.

Using that logic you have to conclude the vast majority of our current line up is not NHL worthy.

Not only is that bleak as hell but just generally untrue. We have many quality players that just need better management.

Putting Arcobello’s usage solely on him with no other factors just doesn't work for me. Very shakey logic.

Comparing Arcobello’s 2 points a game to omarks 1 point per game is not right. Comparing Arcobello’s two way game, faceoffs, hitting, offense etc is just wrong. Those 2 play in the same league but are not "in" the same league.

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