Thread: News Article: Edmonton Oilers: Wait and See at 2C
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08-02-2014, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Arco hasn't proven a darn thing at the NHL level. You're basing this off of a decent 10 game sample size, lets not get silly here.

I'm well aware of Gagner's shortcomings, have been preaching about him not being an ideal center for this team for years but that doesn't change the fact that he is a PROVEN NHL scorer whereas Arcobello is a proven AHL scorer who had a few decent NHL games. Maybe he proves to be worthy, maybe not. But it is what it is, a MAYBE.

With Arco, there are still tons of question marks. The guy has heart, i'll give him that, but he's not going to grow 3-4 inches overnight and he's not going to be an above average skater overnight. With him being at prime age now, chances are that he is what he is at this point.
you are right. the only thing 'proven' is that Gagner is pretty much useless at a 2C at the NHL level.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Sorry to single you out but this is one of the more interesting statements I've seen in some time.

The other option is not to make assumption on limited sample return.

Indeed for the Oilers its a chronic losers game doing so.

ps the next point you make about 7years sample being worse demonstration in your mind is even worse.

The simplest logical deduction that can be made is that a career NHL starting Center for 7yrs that earned such incumbency at age 18 and maintained it is a better player than some career AHLer, multiple years older, that hasn't had anything more than a cup of coffee at this level.

You've somehow deduced the opposite, that its better to have the career Ahler.. An assertion that defies reason.
again, a useless career NHL starting centre.

bottom line is Gagner had 7 years to prove he was a 2C and all he did was prove he isn't. The only way Gagner works as a 2C is if the wingers are allstars, but you could say that about anyone, including me. in one measely month Arco did enough to convince MacT that he was a better option at C than Gagner. that's all there is too it.

Arco as a 2C = probably not good enough

however, Arco as a 2C > Gagner as a 2C.

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