Thread: News Article: Edmonton Oilers: Wait and See at 2C
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08-02-2014, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Not ageist. Just stating the reality of where Arco has been in career relative to where his incumbent was. Also, just stating this in response to a thread where people (several) anoint, and describe Arco as better player than Gagner in every way which is pure nonsense. As I've responded throughout the burden of proof falls on those making such claims to substantiate, or back off from them.

Fact of the matter is we're worse at Center this year and our 2nd line production will almost certainly drop. I don't know either that Arco is the defensive forward wizard that people are making him out to be. I saw very little indication of that tbh.

If somebody said last season a draft pick, Arco, and Lander were going to be in the mix among our starting centers for this season first thing to do would be vomit, second would be thinking the club has switched rebuild reset button already and are trying to start over again..
The ageist thing was obviously tounge in cheek but I do believe NHL teams tend to give up on players too early. Athletes develop well into their 30s and at a different pace for each individual. And we as fans tend to have a certain bias against guys who find their groove later, youngsters usually starts at a position where everything good they do is embraced and everything bad is disregarded. Eventually the honey moon ends and there's a more honest approach. With guys who come in later it's instead a much more questioning attitude from the get go where we look for reasons the player has played at a lower level for so long.
Not saying you're more biased than anyone else, you're sceptical towards most players , it's just a general thought.

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