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Originally Posted by ObeySteve
What exactly isn't possible?
Maintaining a team at the level of the Flyers w/o dealing some futures.

Originally Posted by ObeySteve
Yes, I guess that creating your own team from a core of young players automatically equates to a losing team....after all, every dominant team (including the modern day Devils, Wings and Avs) got to where they are from developing young players.

I want the way the team is managed to go in a new direction, that is all.
I don't see a young Yzerman, Fedorov, Sakic, or Broduer in the Flyers system.

The Avs were built on the Lindros and Roy trades. The Devils built their team on a system and a goalie. The Wings built around Yzerman and Fedorov, they did make some great picks, but they also added a lot of big name FAs.
Originally Posted by Pantokrator
You all must obey ObeySteve! Giving away youth will give us no future. It is possible to win now without giving up young talent. Granted, the youth may never turn into anything, but on the other hand, some of these kids could be stars. Trading someone like Carter for an aging veteran whose job is to only fill in until Primeau gets back is a waste (and don't think Clarke won't do it! If we learn anything form the past, it is that Clarke is capable of pulling off any trade; both good and bad). Being a dissapointed FLyers fan since their last Cup, I am tired of trading for the immediate playoffs only to fall short. I would rather build a team from the draft or from prospects (which, as Obey Steve says, is how all recent Cup winners have been built) than tinkering each year at the trade deadline in an attempt to get lucky on some veteran.
I find that hard to believe. Have you watched their last two games? They didn't even look like a playoff team. Roenick leaves a giant hole in the lineup. Primeau being out also doesn't help.

I'm tired of never watching my favorite teams win a championship. If they have to gut the entire prospect pool to win a Cup then do it w/o hesitation.

Those teams were built on drafts from as long ago as 1984. I really don't want to wait 10-15 years for them to draft high enough to get a player of that calibur and develop said player.
Originally Posted by Pantokrator
Clarke doesn't want to finish second in the division...I understand that. But what if we trade and still finish behind the Devils? Then the trade was pointless. I'd rather take my chances on what we got than on some old goat.
He doesn't want to finish 4th in the conference.

The Devils are having their own troubles, this is time to lock the division up. Broduer is prone to going on long stretches of being unbeatable. Stevens is also out. If Primeau comes back and they still play like they did against SJ and TB then I'd be all for a trade.

If Laich-2nd is all it'd take to get a Ron Francis then do it.

-from Spectors
"Yesterday (2/17) on Comcast Sportsnet in Philadelphia they had Keith Jones and Al Morganti on their Spotlight show. One of the topics they discussed was the fact that Paul Holmgren was scouting the Carolina Hurricanes over the past week. Al wondered why, and Keith replied that he felt they may be looking at either bringing back Rod BrindAmour or possibly trying to get Ron Francis. Keith feels it wouldn't take alot to get Ron, and the Hurricanes may be willing to let him go so he has one final chance to win a Stanley Cup, with the possible lock out next season. Keith said he doesn't think it would take as much it did to get Adam Oates. He went on to explain how Ron could be a first or second line center and bring much to the locker room."

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