Thread: Speculation: Oilers hire Tyler Dellow
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08-05-2014, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Draekke View Post
I don't know a lot about the subject of advanced stats, but I do believe that they have relevance. However, to your bolded section: those shots that miss the net, or get blocked do have the potential to result in a goal until they actually miss (and are not deflected by a teammate), or are actually blocked by the player.

It sounds kinda quantum-like, but they count until they don't count.

The idea behind Corsi is that you need to shoot in order to score. So it kind of makes sense to include the shots that don't actually end up as SOG. It's pure happenstance when a shot is blocked, thus removing it as a SOG. And same goes for missed shots and missed shots not being deflected in.
First of all, Corsi was originally created to track goalie activity.

Second, you need to shoot ON TARGET to score more. Corsi does not offer any distinguishment in these regards.

1 shot on target has infinitly more chance in resulting in a goal than 1000 missed shots.

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