Thread: Speculation: Oilers hire Tyler Dellow
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08-05-2014, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Ol' Jase View Post
First of all, Corsi was originally created to track goalie activity.

Second, you need to shoot ON TARGET to score more. Corsi does not offer any distinguishment in these regards.

1 shot on target has infinitly more chance in resulting in a goal than 1000 missed shots.
I never once stated what Corsi was originally created for. We both know what it is used for now, so why bring that up?

As I said (and you seem to be ignoring), any shot that is taken has the potential to score. As soon as the puck leaves the stick, think of time as stopping. Without knowing where it will go from there, it counts as a positive contribution to the team's offense. And in my limited knowledge of Corsi, this makes entirely perfect statistical, albeit somewhat quantum, sense. I may be wrong about my thoughts on the subject, since I really just started paying attention to advanced stats recently, but to me, the more often a player shoots the puck with intention of it going towards the goal net, the more chances of there being a goal. Pretty straight forward, cut and dried.

You're arguing the outcome of said shot. Which obviously is important. But in regards to what Corsi is measuring (potential offense, imo), it really doesn't matter. And this is why some people don't like it.

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