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08-05-2014, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by bleedblue1223 View Post
Well our owners are comfortable spending, so why should we care about saving them a few bucks. It would be different if we had long term contracts that we don't need.

Deals at the deadline ate always easy to fit in, almost every contending cap team ends up adding someone with decent salary with no real issues. With prorated cap hits, salary retention, and the players going out.

Only actual concern would be bonuses, but with Schwartz coming off his ELC, it should only be Tarasenko getting bonuses, correct?
We should care because if the Blues are losing money every year, they are not a viable business, and most people aren't looking to own something like that. Public comments from this group, and their early actions (like selling the Rivermen) indicate they care about not losing money.

Despite that, there is a balance with wanting a winning team. Its been a pleasant surprise at how much they are opening the coffers. But I think using those resources wisely is always going to be the best course.

My impression is that they are willing to lose money now if it means a winning club, and they expect that to translate into more support (including financially from the STL business community and fans) as a result. But I don't see them going on indefinitely with a red bottom line.

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