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08-05-2014, 06:35 PM
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As a business professional, the bottom line is definitely important, but if the owners weren't comfortable with their spending last season and the similar projected spending this season, then we wouldn't be spending what we are. We don't know the specifics and what we do know is they have cut as many costs as possible and brought in a new guy to create new revenue. Based off logical assumptions, they are at least closing the gap to breaking even, if they haven't already gotten there. In Checketts last year, it was reported that they were only a deep playoff run from being in the black, so they aren't too far off. Since then, they have cut some more costs, raised ticket prices, and this season and in the near future, they should see new revenue streams. Some will be corporate, and some will likely be from the new jerseys and a little bit more of a bump with Stastny jerseys. Combine that with the annual ticket increases that can progressively get bigger if the teams continues to be successful and the overall stability of the business side should be sustained.

It's not like we have an ownership group that is just going to all of a sudden throw in the towel and move or sell the team. The vision on the hockey side has been long-term with this group and with the hiring of Zimmerman, the business side now has a long-term view instead of the short-term cost-cutting methods, they are transitioning to more of a growth mentality.

If we had an ownership group that sole purpose was to be profitable like Checketts, then yes, the concern should be there. When Checketts bought the team, I'm sure his plan was to buy low, invest a little bit and get interest back to be able to flip the team for a decent profit and it didn't work out the way he ultimately wanted. With Stillman and his backing, he won't have the pressure because it is a group of loaded local individuals instead of an institution that needs to see a return to be satisfied. They can wait through these years until Zimmerman is able to do what he does and get the business side on par with the hockey side.

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