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02-18-2004, 11:43 PM
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1rst-I agree that alot of Canuck fans are hypocritical, but not all of us are, and even though I know your generalization is *mostly* right, I still hate it when posters use that to defend their POV.

2nd-The more I see the replay, the more I think it was a *slightly* dirty hit. Moore knocked the puck away with his stick, saw Naslund, and decided to plough through him (he changed direction to make the hit) instead of skate around (despite Naslund never being close to the puck). He did try to make a clean shoulder check, but Naslund was falling, and while Moore made no attempt whatsoever to let up, he didn't "stick out his elbow" either. Moore clearly deserved at least 2 minutes for interference, and perhaps 2 more for roughing/elbowing, although that is certainly debatable. No suspension was necesary.

3-Brad May is pretty much a tool, although he does play with a lot respect for his opponent (never throws punches when his opponent is down on the ice, doesn't throw elbows with body checks, etc). I think his comments may have been a bit much-but are not really that uncommon for players to make after a star goes down on a "questionable hit". It is more a showing of team unity IMO, and that can only be good for the Canucks.

4-Bertuzzi=one of league's raw emotion players, on and off the ice, who acts and says things before he thinks about them. Naslund is also pretty much his best friend, and Bert is grumpy at the best of times Trust me, with Bertuzzi, you have to take the idiocy with the talent. However, if he doesn't start scoring more, I don't think he's worth putting up with.

5-Ruutu is one of my favourite Canucks. Yes he dives. A lot. So do a lot of other players, and every team does it. It's retarded that Canuck fans get so upset when others do it, but I guess you just have to deal with it.

6-Crawford has complained in the media about reffing before, and probably will again, he is a pretty emotional coach. I don't follow the Preds much, but Trotz seems to do it quite a bit as well. Both emotional guys. The only reason Trotz pisses me off is because of his Bertuzzi comments. Always calls him dirty, using the push off move, etc. Hello Barry! Your d-men are constantly holding, hooking, grabbing, obstructing, and cross-checking Bert as well! It's as if he thinks his d-men are saints being bullied by the "big bad bert". It's a physical game and the way d-men are practically allowed to hang off him, it's hardly surprising Bertuzzi decides to fight back and dish out his own hooking/obstruction/etc.

Anyways, I hope the Preds make the playoffs. A Vancouver-Nashville series might be fun.

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