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Originally Posted by Dorian2 View Post
So we were sitting in my back yard with a couple we've known for 20+ years and their son comes over.

Saw this kid grow up from 3 he's about 20.

To my surprise, he tells me he's a rapper, I had no idea. I guess he started when he was about 13.

So he asks me if I want to listen to one of his raps, and I say sure. But I don't want you to do a tune you've already written. I want you to give me an improvised free style about your impressions of my back yard...look...there's a BBQ, a patio set, roses, raspberry bushes fire pit, tomato plants, shed etc. You have lots to work with.

He was really reluctant to do a freestyle off the hop, but me and his Dad goaded him into it after 15 minutes. (Being a fairly seasoned vet of the music scene and improve, I wanted to see, really, how good he could do).

To make a long story short, the dude blew me away with some of the beats and words he free styled with, incorporating pretty much everything in my back yard into a very well honed rappers tale, with some really killer inflections on rhythms and patterns and basically telling a heart felt tale.

Does anyone here know of some open rap venues that he could get involved with? This kid is deep and talented indeed.
Now you have to post a video.

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