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Originally Posted by Nihilist View Post
I don't know how you make a ranking like this without adding bias. Unless you're 150 years old, many of these logos have been around since you were born and are a large part of the identity's of their organizations.
It could simply be based on the designs of its graphical merits.

Which the Habs would still be #1, followed by Philly.

- Balance/Composition - Symmetry is an easy way to achieve this, but as long as compositionally it's balanced, it should work. RedWings, Senators, and Sabres are bad offenders.

- Readability/Simplicity - Logos should be visibly recognizable at 2000 feet away, or up close. Habs and Flyers are iconic for this reason. Redwings and Blackhawks are 2 original 6 logos that are needlessly noisy. Islanders and Sabres are pretty bad, Seems nearly everything designed in the 90's looks like it borrowed from the sensibilities of a spawn comic, noisy and obnoxious (Blue Jackets, Avalanche, Hurricanes).

- Colours This is unfortunately where trends take off. Monochromatic jerseys scream 90's. Oilers have copper and gold. Habs have their Red and Blue. Even the Flames are known for their Red and Yellow. Redwings have their Red and White.

B's Penguins, and Flyers are a bit too similar.

Many other teams change colours like a lady gaga concert. Canucks change it frequently. So do the Caps, and Kings.

- Typography - Not all logos have or require Typography, but this is where the Oilers fall flat (along with the Islanders and). The Font is hard to read, and shaped in a way that is a bit dated.

The Maple Leafs typography is easier to read, but along with the Rangers, it seems very unnecessary for a logo.

Stars, Caps and Tampa are just disastrous.

Habs, B's

Try redrawing the Hurricanes, and the Islanders logos from Memory.


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