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02-18-2004, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by bandwagon
To Philadelphia: Ron Francis (C)
To Carolina: Jim Vandermeer (D), 2004 second round pick
This deal could be a possible deal. However, Philly has already traded defensemen off the roster with Weinrich, and Woywitka. That leaves Seidenberg, Vandermeer, and Pitkanen on the blueline from a youth standpoint. Philly has been trading depth off the blueline for quite a while now, and it's going to catch up to them if they don't stop. I'm pretty sure Clarke is aware of that fact and i'm doubting you'll see any more of the young defenseman moved.

As far as actual value, it's perfect. As far as probability, i'd say it's not quite as likely to happen from a Philly perspective.

Also, we have to take into account that Ron Francis might be calling it quits. He has already expressed interest in retiring as a WhalerCane. He plans to work in the front office upon his retirement and he lives here year round. I'm not exactly sure as to how ready he'd be to leave town at this point even if it was only for a brief stint. I think he'd rather keep his legacy in tact as a 'Cane than to leave town and try for a cup one last time. He already has two. Not to mention the fact that JR has already said that Francis would have to come to him in order to be traded and I simply don't see Ron doing that.

Originally Posted by bandwagon
To Toronto: Arturs Irbe (G), 1/2 salary paid next year
To Carolina: 5th round pick
This one could work out quite well. Irbe isn't going to get much of a chance in Carolina to do anything before his career is over. We're about to drop into rebuild mode and Toronto could use the service of a player like Arturs. Carolina has called him up to shake the rust off, probably at the request of a few GM's, and we'll judge where we're at from there. Despite what Rutherford is saying, i'm almost 100% sure this is a showcase callup. Irbe and Rutherford have far too much bad blood between them for Rutherford to simply get a case of guilty conscience.

I'd do it, for sure. Half of his salary is better than his whole salary, and a 5th round pick is just icing on the cake. Done deal as far as i'm concerned.

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