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Originally Posted by Nihilist View Post
That's kind of what I was getting at. Ya you can try to analyse them on graphical merit, but there's still going to be bias. It's like someone rating coca-cola logo or apple logo and raving about how timeless they are. Ya well that's nice, but would have the logos become so timeless if the companies didn't become hugely successful???

Besides, I rate the Devils logo above the Habs and Flyers from a graphical standpoint.

See and I'd have to disagree with you about the Oilers. The font is vital to the design in making the name an Oil Slick. I see no problem capping it off with a varsity style font at the top... which IMO is a timeless sports font, that AFAIK no other NHL team uses anyway.

The major weakness I'd mark against the Devils, Oilers & Islanders is that they all put their logo's in a circle making them too similar to each other. Of course, with the Oilers, you can make the Oil Drum argument.

I think a rating like this could be a better article if a scoring system was present like you inferred. Composition 5/5, Simplicity 5/5, Colors 5/5, Typography 5/5, Recognition 5/5. Or something. Points would have to be awarded in context of the competition, marks for distinction, and docked for being superfluous and gaudy. Without a score sheet, this has no scientific value whatsoever. And even after there's a score sheet, I can still say: Yeah, well, that's like your opinion man!
Good points.

It's funny, I never saw the Oilers font as 'Varsity', but now that you mention it, I totally get it. Funny enough, I was looking at this with a UI Designer coworker of mine (Habs Fan), and he never noticed there was a minor leftward hook to the bottom of the font on the Oilers Logo that makes things look a little overlapped.

What I think I'd personally love to see, is a non-objective critique of the logos from various renowned graphic designers that have no affiliations (and quite possibly don't even follow hockey).

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