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02-18-2004, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by bandwagon
Good point about Bondra, but are they really that similar? Kovalev is at least 5 years younger (not sure of his exact age) and has more hockey left than Peter Bondra. He also is slightly better at this point, but that's my opinion and I wouldn't expect everyone to agree.
Age and remaining shelf life is irrelevant in there cases. Both are UFA's and will simply be UFA rentals(Bondra has an option, but it's Ottawa's choice if they want to exercise it). I'd argue that Bondra has been as good, if not better then Kovalev this season.

They are similar with the UFA status, but there are a few factors to consider. I think that around the trade deadline, teams tend to overpay for the players that they want to get. For example, when the Flyers traded for Oates. Or when the Blues got Tkachuk.

Also, getting a dynamic offensive force like Kovalev could ideally push us over the top and help us win a Cup. Are you truly unwilling to overpay to get such an exceptional talent as Kovalev who could help us get the big silver mug? And who's to say if we do win it all, that Kovy wouldn't want to potentially re-sign here? What hockey player doesn't want to win?
All good points, but Burke isn't the type of guy to overpay, for anyone. There may be a team willing to break the back for Kovalev(personally I don't see it happneing), but that team won't be Vancouver. Like I mentioned earlier, Bondra went for a decent to good prospect and a 2nd rounder, I doubt anyteam offers much more then that.

The conditional pick is also a factor as it basically acts as a second compensatory pick if Kovalev were to leave. Trading Koltsov and two picks for Kovalev (and keeping him for a couple weeks or whatever) and two picks isn't all that bad. Risk is a name of the game, and sometimes you get burned. But other times, a gamble pays off and you look like a genius.
Like I said, it all depends on the what the conditional pick is. Good point on the compensatory pick aspect though, it could be as high as a mid 2nd rounder. That in mind I would probably up my offer to....

I don't think that Umberger and a 2nd would get Kovalev, and I really think that Kovalev would significantly upgrade this team.
Umberger and a 1st in '05 for Kovalev and a conditional pick(3rd round pick if Kovalev is not re-signed). The Rangers are ineligible for UFA compensation anyway(their payroll is too high), so losing Kovalev's compensatory pick doesn't hurt them. The 1st rounder would have to be in the '05 as the Canucks don't have a 2nd this season.

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