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Originally Posted by oilersfan11 View Post
If the Oilers start the rebuild right at 2007 the rebuild would've been done now.




All of the picks taken from 2007-2009 are going to be better than any of the picks from 2010-2012.
Lot's wrong with this argument, first off, the rebuild didn't start in 2007. It started 3 seasons later and the biggest reason for that was because there was still enough talent signed on this team to prevent it from hitting rock bottom until that year. Not enough talent to win anything but still enough to keep us outside of the bottom third at best. We could have gotten lucky and lost the final game in 2007, won the lottery like Chicago did and drafted Kane instead of Gagner but wouldn't he have just made the team better? We still weren't bad enough to finish near the bottom of the standings in 2008 even with all the injuries we suffered towards the end if that season. This team wasn't bad enough to finish at the bottom three years in a row back then. Horcoff was playing better, Hemsky was much healthier. Had we started the rebuild in 2007, I don't see how we even come close to ending up with three consecutive #1 picks. I doubt this team is much different now even if they had they started in 2007 because we probably wouldn't have had the same calibre of draft picks. We'd have been relying on a suspect management group to make tough decisions on players that weren't the consensus # 1's. Keep in mind how the scouting department and drafting was working out for us back then.

We needed the perfect storm of bad to end up with 3 consecutive first overall picks. That's why you rarely see that happen. You can't Cherry pick which years you would have liked them to happen in. It just doesn't work that way. Any one different player into the organization could have changed lots of things.

I'm not suggesting that those three guys aren't going to be better than the ones we ended up getting, although it's still too early for that to be definitive. It sure helped Kane and Stamkos to be going to teams that already had much more stability in the lineup than what the Oilers provided Hall, Nuge and Yak. They've also got three more years of experience and that helps even more. We got the best players we could in the years we picked high, we just have to wait for it to all come together. At least we have a base of talent here to work from now. Young players coming into the organization will have solid players in front of them to help their development. We aren't at rock bottom anymore like we were in 2010. That's why five years from NOW is a legitimate goal for being a serious contender, not five years from 2010.

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