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Originally Posted by JDinkalage Morgoone View Post
I wonder which is stronger: Matt Carle's wrists or Alex Henery's Leg
I think Henery worked a lot on his leg strength this year, so far in OTA's/TC hes been hitting it out of the end zone a lot more than he used to. he's been pretty money this OTA/TC so far from 52 or less as well.

Jtown, what didnt you like about this offseason? Djax was a Chip Kelly made product, that was not worth 10 mil (which was obvious because he signed for less). Chip talked in detail about how he thought the game was moving towards bigger, more physical corners and how if you cant get off man coverage than you will be in trouble. I can get the stats for you if you want, but when DeSean was pressed at the line his numbers were abysmal last year, when they played off him thats when we saw him running through zones and having big games. Chip also stated that DeSean was not double covered much last year and only saw double coverage on 11 percent of HIS snaps. Towards the end of the year, the vikings game in particular, we started moving DeSean around to create more space for him, but also had to alter Chips game plan. I am not saying DeSean is a bad player, but I think his game wont get better with age and he will continue to struggle against top tier CB's and defenses that play a lot of man. Chip also gave insight to how they wanted to work more on back shoulder fades, and how that play is basically impossible to cover and how you need bigger, more physical receivers to make it work (IE Cooper, Mathews, Maclin who are all over 6 ft). While Djax's production most likely wont be replaced, I do however think his production can be disbursed throughout the rest of the weapons that we have, such as an improved year from Ertz, the addition of Maclin, and the newcomer Jordan Mathews.

As far as the draft, I absolutely loved it. I think Jordan Mathews will be one of the best if not THE best WR coming out of the draft. I've had a man crush on him since Vandy and hes continued to shine in OTA's/TC. Even the players are already declaring him the best finisher on the team along with having one of the best work ethics they have ever seen from a rookie. He will be playing the slot this year to start, and at 6'3 215 he will be a match up nightmare for slot CB's.

Marcus Smith, Josh Huff, Taylor Hart, Beau Allen and Jaylen Watkins were also good picks, I do not think Marcus Smith was a reach considering the redskins were planning on taking him 7 picks later. Huff was a bit of a reach but Chip loves his game and thinks it will translate well in the NFL. Hart has been impressive and apparently is pushing for a backup DE spot and the coaches keep saying hes been one of the stand outs in camp so far. I dont expect much out of Jaylen watkins this year, but he is versatile and definitely has potential. The guy who I am looking forward to seeing this TC is Beau Allen. Jason Kelce says he has really quick feet for a guy his size and could be that big run stuffing DT to spell Logan that we've been looking for.

Finally, Nolan Caroll has a legitimate chance of being the starting CB and the coaches have been raving about him. He apparently has been absolutely lock down so far this camp and has a chance to be the KOR man as well. The FA pick up I like most is Malcolm Jenkins. While he is not a world beater by any means, he is the glue that will keep our secondary in tact. All of the saints coaches said he was the smartest player on the defense and is a leader as well. He is also as versatile as it gets having played CB in college and playing a little bit of nickle corner on the saints. One of the primary problems the eagles had last year was breakdowns in coverage (mostly because Chung was garbage) which I dont think will happen much this year because Jenkins will make sure everyone is lined up right. I am not saying hes a probowler, I just think he was a solid, unheralded addition that will pay dividends right off the bat.

Here are some players that arent starters to keep an eye on the rest of TC/preseason.

-Momah, hes 6'7, tore his ACL his senior year at BC, got cut last year, but has rebounded and has apparently been making a serious push for that 5th WR spot
-Brad Smith, like Momah, has been making a serious push for the 5th WR spot, he also plays ST's which gives him the advantage
-Travis Long, OLB from WSU who tore his ACL last year, has been impressive in the limited sample size that we have seen him play
-Najee Goode, really played well in the GB and red skins game last year, a lock for the back up MLB spot. I am also looking to see if Jason Phillips is fully recovered from his ACL tear because he was a beast on ST's and when healthy looked pretty good at MLB as well.
-Earl Wolff/Nate Allen/Chris Maragos, it will be interesting to see who wins that battle for starting S, as all of them will be getting equal opportunities
-Matt Tobin/Michael Bamiro-one of these guys will be a backup OL, Tobin has the advantage because he plays both T and G where as Bamiro is strictly a G.
-Bryan Brahman- has a good shot at being the backup OLB, is a stud on special teams as well.
-Matt Tucker/David Fleullen/Chris Polk, the battle for the 3rd RB might be one of the best, all 3 of these guys could be #2's and potential #1's (obviously if they were a #1 on a team that team would be in trouble but Im just saying that these guys arent slouches)
-Curtis Marsh/Roc Carmichael/Jaylen Watkins, battle for the 4th CB spot. Personally I think Marsh finally puts it together wins that, but Watkins has just as good of a chance. I think Carmichael might be the odd man out
-Blake Annon, TE. This guy is as athletic is they come, ran a 4.45, but is extremely raw and playing a position that we are already loaded with talent. I have a feeling this guy will be the mysterious IR stash that happens every year.

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