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08-08-2014, 09:47 AM
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Djax was not a product of kelly, considering he was a multiple pro bowler before kelly even became the eagles coach.

Djax was worth his contract easily and was still under contract. It made no sense to cut him. None , and we are going to be worst because of it.

I understand Djax was vulenarable to press coverage but with the refs restricting how defenses can defend the pass , I would have gladly put up with the few snaps a game he was unable to get off the line.

His speed and deep threat ability were very important to other receivers as well as the running game. As it currently stands we don't have a single wr that has the ability to beat his man and get seperation. That is a huge concern. While foles is very accruate ,he is going to be have to be even more accurate this year because all his receivers will be defended very closely.

IN terms of the draft I didn't like the smith pick, but i understand it. I hated going to a 3-4 because we didn't have the personnel for it, and now we have to draft all these scheme specific players for it .

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