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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
Djax was not a product of kelly, considering he was a multiple pro bowler before kelly even became the eagles coach.

Djax was worth his contract easily and was still under contract. It made no sense to cut him. None , and we are going to be worst because of it.

I understand Djax was vulenarable to press coverage but with the refs restricting how defenses can defend the pass , I would have gladly put up with the few snaps a game he was unable to get off the line.

His speed and deep threat ability were very important to other receivers as well as the running game. As it currently stands we don't have a single wr that has the ability to beat his man and get seperation. That is a huge concern. While foles is very accruate ,he is going to be have to be even more accurate this year because all his receivers will be defended very closely.

IN terms of the draft I didn't like the smith pick, but i understand it. I hated going to a 3-4 because we didn't have the personnel for it, and now we have to draft all these scheme specific players for it .
Djax had a career year under Kelly, and I disagree with him being worth his contract. Before Kelly his career highs in catches, yards, and TD's were way down and I think that shows that his recent success is a product of Chips scheme. Due to our scheme Djax saw a ton of single coverage and he took advantage of that, especially when teams played zone on him. Considering we would have been projected to be over the cap next year, this was both a football and business decision and I do not think he will be missed as much as you think.

I COMPLETELY disagree with your assessment about none of our WR's having the ability to gain separation, as Cooper did that consistently last year and Maclin has that capability if hes healthy. You are also counting Mathews out which I think is a mistake because he will be very hard to guard in the slot. Kelly built this team in terms of WR's to beat man coverage, in fact, it has been an emphasis so far in TC compared to prior years. Chip also said he wants his WR's to be able to make contested catches, which even you have to admit is not DeSeans specialty. You are also over rating Djax's effect on the other WR's in terms of opening it up for them, as I stated I can get the stats for you if youd like but Djax only was double covered in 11% of his snaps and Chip also said that most teams played single safety on us because of how concerned they were with our running game.

DeSean is a good player, and on paper we did get worse when we cut him. But to think that there was no reason for it is just asinine. Chip saying "big people beat up little people" is a bit cliche, but in terms with the direction of this team and the players he wants and the types of attitudes he wants from his players, losing DeSean becomes not as big of a deal as originally thought. As I said, I dont think his production will be replaced, I think it will be disbursed through the other play makers we have. Chip talked in length about how we were switching from a vertical offense to a more horizontal offense which he believed would benefit our team and I agree, I think we are going to be a very, very good team next year and I am buying into the hype. Chip broke franchise records in his first year with half his playbook, lets see what he does with players who are familiar with his scheme and have bought into the philosophies.

Any time you make a switch on D its going to take some time to get the right personnel, I dont think we will see what the D is supposed to look like for another year or 2, but that doesnt mean they cant be average to a little bit above average. They did finish 17th in PPG last year in the first year of a 3-4 so thats a pretty telling stat if you ask me. Once again, another year of scheme familiarity cant hurt either.

Thank god the first preseason game is tonight....FOOTBALL IS BACK!

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