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Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post

THN asks the question: will women ever get into the NHL coaching ranks?
It's a tough question. I'm inclined to guess it's a very, very long way off, just because of the relative lack of major coaching options for women compared to basketball. By that, I mean starting gigs in women's leagues. In basketball, there's already a full-fledged professional league as well as dozens upon dozens of collegiate coaching gigs. In hockey, however, the women's pro game is significantly smaller, less funded, and has less media coverage, as are the junior and collegiate variants (outside the USA/Canada international games). And that's ignoring the number of male coaches in women's leagues in both sports eating up potential coaching gigs, too.

Obviously, that's not to say that women can only coach women, but in all likelihood we're going to see women coaches start out there before they move on to male leagues. As a result, there seems to be significantly less opportunities for women coaches to advance to the top level as a result compared to basketball. A successful WNBA coach or major NCAA coach just seems to have a higher leg up to get into the NBA to me.

Never say never, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see a woman assistant coach in the NHL in my lifetime barring a fundamental change/elevation of public interest in the women's game. I honestly think that a true WNHL would have to be formed before we'd ever see it, not just some dinky regional minor pro league.


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