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Originally Posted by TheWolfOfBroadStreet View Post
Momah, hes 6'7, tore his ACL his senior year at BC, got cut last year, but has rebounded and has apparently been making a serious push for that 5th WR spot
-Brad Smith, like Momah, has been making a serious push for the 5th WR spot, he also plays ST's which gives him the advantage
-Travis Long, OLB from WSU who tore his ACL last year, has been impressive in the limited sample size that we have seen him play
-Najee Goode, really played well in the GB and red skins game last year, a lock for the back up MLB spot. I am also looking to see if Jason Phillips is fully recovered from his ACL tear because he was a beast on ST's and when healthy looked pretty good at MLB as well.
-Earl Wolff/Nate Allen/Chris Maragos, it will be interesting to see who wins that battle for starting S, as all of them will be getting equal opportunities
-Matt Tobin/Michael Bamiro-one of these guys will be a backup OL, Tobin has the advantage because he plays both T and G where as Bamiro is strictly a G.
-Bryan Brahman- has a good shot at being the backup OLB, is a stud on special teams as well.
-Matt Tucker/David Fleullen/Chris Polk, the battle for the 3rd RB might be one of the best, all 3 of these guys could be #2's and potential #1's (obviously if they were a #1 on a team that team would be in trouble but Im just saying that these guys arent slouches)
-Curtis Marsh/Roc Carmichael/Jaylen Watkins, battle for the 4th CB spot. Personally I think Marsh finally puts it together wins that, but Watkins has just as good of a chance. I think Carmichael might be the odd man out
-Blake Annon, TE. This guy is as athletic is they come, ran a 4.45, but is extremely raw and playing a position that we are already loaded with talent. I have a feeling this guy will be the mysterious IR stash that happens every year.
-I hope Momah shows something, but he could never separate. I doubt he improved enough to overcome that. Surprised they didn't bulk him up and try him at TE or at least a guy who resembles a TE.
-4 locks at receiver. They kept six last year. Smith probably is battling Damaris Johnson for a spot as those are the only guys that can play slot along with Matthews.
-I like Long. I mentioned him a few months ago as a possibility. They only kept 3 OLBs last year. I see 5 this year if they don't trade Graham. Long needs to really impress (especially on special teams).
-Goode is good. People were screaming for them to take an ILB during the draft, but they are deep at the position and it is probably the easiest position to plug guys in in a 3-4 scheme.
-Wolff is the upside play. Great athlete. Can run and hit. Allen is the safe play. I think they go into the season splitting reps and go from there.
-Tobin is a near lock. Bamiro can line up at tackle, but if he makes the team it will be as a guard. He was billed as a big guy that could move a little, but I don't see the athleticism. Watching that guy walk hurts my knees. Look at that!!! Probably on the outside looking in.
-Braman will get PT if Graham is traded or Smith falls on his face. I think he has some upside, but he's mainly a ST guy.
-Polk is not battling Tucker or Fluellen. He's locked in. He's probably behind Shady for carries with Sproles being more of the receiving threat. They seem to really like Tucker and he is a better ST player than Fluellen and Josey. I'm rooting for Josey though. It's a miracle that guy is even playing football.
-Watkins will be the 4th outside corner. Can't see Marsh or Roc making the team without an injury or cutting a guy like Fletcher. Watkins can play the slot as well and safety in a pinch. Good ST guy.
-Annen is probably a practice squad stash. Athletic but really raw. Wasn't used much in college. If they cut Casey (I wish they would use him more, the guy is good) I think Burton would get the spot as a jack of all trades wildcard. He can play anywhere on the field.

On defense the target number is usually 25 guys. I predict:
2 NTs
4 5-techs
4/5 OLBs
5 ILBs
5 CBs
4/5 Ss

The compromise is OLB and S imo. Do they keep Graham? Do they cut Reynolds? Injuries will happen unfortunately which may make the decision easier, but right now that is how I see it.

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