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08-09-2014, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by BROOKLYnKNIGHTS View Post
Truly embarrassing. The entire make up of the league lacks diversity. Bettman has failed on every level possible.
At this point why would a team hire a woman for anything other than good PR?
For the record Kim Ng's role is way more significant in equality.
I don't generally defend Bettman much, but he's not the one hiring coaches for teams. That's the GM and then the head coach for the assistant roles.

That said, there probably aren't very many women who are qualified to coach men's pro teams. Where do they get the experience, because it is different to just about any other route available to women. The scale just isn't there like you have with basketball, and that probably goes for the NFL and MLB as well.

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