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08-09-2014, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by SeanCWombBroom View Post
Foles looked bad but he was barely in the game. No need to flip out. Avoid the media spin. Sanchez looked good for a bit-- then bad for a bit. Barkley-- looked like he's lower tier quarterback backup quality right now. Sproles didn't do so hot.

Better to focus on some flashes from Tucker, Huff, Watkins, Allen, Boone. I was hoping to see Matthews really dominate but he didn't do much. Huff didn't look great on returns -- until he ran one back. Then didn't bring much again.

Carmichael got roasted a lot. It's all preseason though.

The first series or two, I was listening on the radio. Mike Quick said that the Eagles had run seven plays, and had committed 4 penalties. The new holding rules/serious enforcement of the rules burned the first team O badly.

If other games in the League are going to be like that, hopefully it is not us and they will back off on the crackdown.

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