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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
So sad the job that Sportsnet is doing on the Rogers Cup tournament.

Bad enough we have to listen to below average commentary from the likes of Damian Cox but the total and utter lack of schedule updates over the past week has been brutal.

Trying to PVR the Raonic matches was an exercise in futility. Sportsnet didnt even know which channel they were running the coverage on.

Now I go to their brutal website to try and find out when the finals are being broadcast and on what channels and there is nothing to be found.

Their broadcast schedule doesnt even show any tennis matches.

Their "up to date" Live events portion for Sunday on their website has no tennis.

What a s**t show. No comparison between TSN and Sportsnet on virtually any sporting event. TSN is so much better.

Cant wait for their 12 years of top notch quality of NHL coverage to start.
I went looking for the semi finals yesterday and noticed they weren't televised on any of the Sportsnet channels. I eventually found them on CBC. Even though I watched most of this tournament I don't remember seeing or hearing anywhere that the semi finals and finals would be shown on CBC. I've hated Sportsnet for years, not so much because of their commentators, those guys are interchangeable for me anyway. What I can't stand is they get so much product that they can't show it all properly. I don't how many times I've been annoyed that I've had to watch a Flames game on Sportnet West or a REPLAY of a Premiership game on Sportsnet One while every other regional channel was showing the Raptors game I wanted to see. I also remember a few years back when Sportsnet West was showing Yankee games everyday while the other regional networks had the Jays game. I sent several emails complaining about programming and not once did they be bother to respond to me.

I think them having hockey is going to suck for the average fan. They still have the rights to many other events and considering the **** poor way they've covered events in the past when they've had scheduling conflicts I can see it getting much worse. I'm sure their plan is just to partner up with as many other networks as possible to ensure these events get televised but unless you already have these channels it's going to cost a fortune. I already have a $200 a month cable bill and don't plan on adding any more to it. I don't need any extra hockey, I'm satisfied with watching the Oilers 82 games a year and maybe an extra game or two per week from another team if I have time. What I'd hate though is to lose access to other sports because of this hockey.

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