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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
Hartford had one of my top five logos of all time. I absolutely love the Hartford logo but didnt like the colors (but likely id have hated it more if they went crazy on color).

I dislike all the new logos...simple and traditional is best. Its not supposed to be art (minn wild), its a fn jersey.

Bruins is up there, hawks, redwings, penguins/seals, Oilers, kings, rangers.

Canucks were all terrible, flames flaming c is alright but their other logos were trash, habs and leafs are meh but iconic, jets original was just ok,

The most disappointing would be the Dallas Stars...i think that logo could have been made alot better but its obviously a nod to the North Stars history in the franchise.
Agree with most of what you have to say. Except of course the Leafs and Habs. Loved the old Jets. Out of all the newer teams? Has to be the Sens. Every other one is scary. I know a lot of people like the Panthers. Just look at youth associations but Colorado, TB, NSH, Columbus, SJ all have struck out. Colorado and Carolina worst except for the Ducks of course who can come up with the greatest logo ever now and it still won't count because of that original Duck. Wings to me is still the most original, taking city and name together. Flyers get an F for copying.

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