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Originally Posted by PGCougar View Post
I don't know if it's a LONG way but there certainly was some important development over the past years. Events like the outdoor game in the World Cup as well as the DEL Winter Game are things that make people watch hockey although they normally wouldn't. Giving broadcasting rights to ServusTV and was another important step. Hockey does become more popular in Germany, no doubt about that. The recent success of Dennis Seidenberg becoming the second German to win the Stanley Cup champion and Leon Draisaitl being drafted 3rd overall helped, too. Germany went up to 2nd in attendance among the other European leagues, only behind Switzerland, and in front of European top leagues like the KHL, SM-Liiga and Elitserien.
I agree there have been a number of very positive developments in German hockey over the past years. On a long term view the establishment of true professionalism via the DEL is maybe the most positive change in German hockey. (Unfortunately most of it has happened outside the public view due to the disastrous media deals of the DEL). On the short term view I think the availability of game broadcasts via ServusTV to a larger public and its rising TV viewership is VERY encouraging. Plus with the CHL being broadcast by Sport 1 I think we never had this much German hockey available to the TV viewer.
Plus, maybe I am one of the few German hockey fans who is very happy to see the big push Red Bull is providing, not only by distributing games via ServusTV, but also by its aim to establish a new major team in one of Germany's biggest cities and building a brand new 10.000 seat arena.

Have you read Bröker's book "Eishockey in Deutschland"? It's THE (and only) book on hockey history in Germany, basically covering all seasons (although at a sometimes mind spinning pace).

After reading it I realized that even though it might not feel like it, but at the moment German hockey might be in the most stable situation it has ever been in. Hockey has always been a complete chaos in Germany. Sure there are many fans who are looking back at "the good old times", but when you read about what was going on behind the scenes with the never ending bankruptcies, league changes and owners getting in trouble with the law, then you realize that "the gold old times" where no better than the current times, they were actually worse.

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