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08-11-2014, 02:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Neatman View Post
Meanwhile, in almost a year of arguing I have yet to see someone form a convincing argument that Eakins is a capable NHL coach.
Kind of BS statement. So when you started your job (not sure yet if you have a big boy job or something like McDonalds) were you capable right off the bat? Yeah, probably. Just like Eakins was/is capable. I think you are using the wrong word here.

Is Eakins capable? yes, he coaches...just like other people with the same job. he won games, did the X's and O's and drills, line juggling and all that jazz.
Is Eakins in the NHL? yes
Is he a coach? yes

Did he have an absolute disaster of a team to work with as his first year behind the bench in the big show? Hell yes. May as well dismiss him. If you think he didn't get enough out of what he had then that is your opinion. Do I wish he did a better job, yes. Am I upset about it, no. As long as there is progression (you keep bringing up the regression from last year...well it's a team sport so when the team is terrible, you are going to have poor individual performances as well)

Broken record here...
I don't think a compelling argument would change your tune anyway.

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