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Originally Posted by Oiltankjob Fail View Post
How do you think cities grow and keep expanding ? Please replacement stay off business topics because , honestly you have no idea how they work or what spin offs come from them. The arena development is already creating a boom downtown we have not seen since the 70's and you're saying this is having minimal impact. Just drop it .
I never said it had minimal impact. It would have much more impact if investment was local.

Given our affluence as a province and as a city I think a reasonable question can be asked about why more investment isn't local.

Indeed thinking in Norway, and belief in the importance of national industries there would be the direct opposite level of thought that occurs here.

Norwegians are not taking their resources for granted. They realize depletion of non renewable resource is something facing their children. To that end they are committed to retaining the most assets possible from their development and exploitation of natural resources and are diversifying their economy as much as possible. That level of longterm thinking doesn't even occur here and won't as long as the gravy train is running.

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