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02-19-2004, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by KILLger
Just to follow in the whinning trend we're in at the moment...

Rules are dumb. If the guy doesn't say he's heard it from a friend, the thread remains OK, but because he said it... it gets closed? I mean WTF... what does it change? It's not as if a rumor was any more true if there were no "sources"... rumors are just that rumors... things we've HEARD. Am I alone on this? Probably..
I totally agree, and gotta admit this is one thing that pisses me off about HF.

I mean does it matter who told who what. This is a message board, a place to talk about things. Does ever rumor we talk about have to come from some reporter???? We all wish people in the know would come here and post, but unless they out themselves (which no one in the know is going to do, just to impress some idiots on a message board) they are next to burnt at the stake.

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