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02-19-2004, 09:35 AM
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I already dealt with this issue on another thread, but I'll do it here as well.

At the time of the Keane hit, almost every single Canuck fan was saying it was a clean hit......that Hamhuis's shoulder turned at the "last second". I only mentioned this hit to point how different the Canuck fans reacted when the same type of play happened to them In fact, I would say the hit on Naslund was far inferior in terms of controversy than the Keane hit. AKA, hypocricy at work.

Point 2. Everytime Forsberg, and some times others for that matter, dives...a Nuck fan makes a post in the main forums trashing him. This kills me because I see Nuck fans "whining" about diving, and then when I visit your forums......I see a thread PRAISING Ruutu for his diving. Heck, one guy says Ruutu needs to tone it down a bit, then when the refs are not eyeing him as start diving again. Give me a break. This has nothing to do with being a "tight group", but everything to do with saying you hate something......but loving it when your team shows it. Be consistent. If your going to bash other players that dive, expect to be called out when you praise your team for diving (and no I'm not meaning you personally LaVal, but in general anyone that does this).

As for the hit, I think everyone has covered it pretty well here. However, I do think Moore showed some respect for Naslund, by avoiding the knee-to-knee collision, and not totally plastering him. In reality, that was probably all he had time to do, except to completely skate away.....which is silly to ask for. When you get a chance to hit a star player, 30/30 coaches will tell you to take the hit.

One final thing, I wasn't trying to labe an entire fanbase, but I was pointing out a general trend here at HF. Every Pred/Nuck game, all we hear about is how our coach's can't stop whining, etc. I guess the fact that our complaints were perfectly correct, and steps were made to nullify the lost on some Nuck fans here. Furthermore, it burns me to see them criticize us, when there own coaches are very emotional, and prone to antics like what happened after the Avs/Canuck game. Basically, I hate hypocricy.....just hate it, and when I see it in angers me. If I was being a hypocrite in some of my comments, then you have my fullest apologies. Not all Nuck fans are blatant hypocrites or homers. In fact, I like several of them, but considering the 10 to 1 ratio of Nuck fans to most teams on this is all but impossible to single out the valued poster from the uninsightful pest.

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