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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
Yeah its pretty sad. Tough to imagine enduring 12 years of their sub par coverage (TV and Web). Hopefully they manage to improve close to TSN standards sometime during their seemingly eternal contract.

Thats Sportsnet. They seem to operate in their own little self congratulatory fantasy bubble. Thats the only thing that explains how they can be so out of touch with how low their standards are IMO.

Maybe they are beloved by people who enjoy hockey fluff.

Agree wholeheartedly.
The amazing thing to me is that some people are actually happy about this deal. I have to say that completely eludes me.

There is NO upside to this IMO.

Getting back to tennis. Genie seems to have fallen to earth with a resounding thud.
Lost in the early rounds in Cincinnati. Too much too fast for Genie.

I expect she will be back in the 15-20 range before 2014 is out.

Meanwhile Milos is cruising along...easily advancing to the 3rd round in Cincinnati. His game is looking much more consistent.
At least Genie was a little bit better and a lot more composed in her loss yesterday. I kind of felt embarrassed for her with what happened during her loss to Shelby Rogers in Montreal last week. She couldn't control her emotions and the camera catching her after the first set telling her coach she wanted to leave the court was the low point.

The good news is with another early exit she'll be well rested and should be able to be much more focused for the US open. I suspect she'll return to form for that.

As far as Milos goes, I didn't see his match yesterday, it was over too quickly and I was watching Eugenie play at the same time. I was surprised he lost to Lopez last week because he seemed to be in control (as much as you can be in control when your game plan is to just be relying on your own serve). But two breaks that seemingly came out of nowhere at the end of the first and third sets cost him. The third set especially was frustrating because he had triple break point in that set and ended up losing the game after he committed a couple lazy unforced errors. Outside of this match though, he has looked very good for the last couple months.

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