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02-19-2004, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Hammerwise
So pick one trade out of the four I mentioned? There are extreme financial issues concerning most of the players in blue and every NHL team in the league. If Bondra, who is signed beyond this year, can go to a team that had financial problems last year for a mid to high level prospect and a 2nd, why would a much bigger money RFA Kovalev get much more? As I said in my post, HE IS THE MOST TRADEABLE, and he will get the Rangers more than anybody else on the team, but he won't get enough to rebuild the team with, therefore the others will get them less than that.
Who buys him? And for what? If Sather is going to have this "firesale", which I have stated he can't really afford to, he could trade everybody on the team and still not be able to field a Pittsburg Penguins lineup next year.
I think that Kovalev not being signed past this season actually increases his value. There is a much shorter commitment to him and with the uncertainty of the next CBA, Kovalev might come cheaper than he did this season.

I don't think Sather can not afford to not have a firesale. There will be plenty of turn over on the Rangers if for no other reason than they have a ton of contracts ending. What I would do is stockpile draft picks.

I think if he got any bites for Mironove (worth no more than a 4th) or Malahov (worth no more than Mironov) he would deal them is a second.

I don't think Lindros will ever play again.

The Rangers will have Jagr, Holik, Leetch (if he is not dealt), Poti (if he is not dealt), de Vries, Kasparaitis, Dunham and Markkanen. Any team with those players on it will be better than a Penguins line up.

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