Thread: Confirmed with Link: Oilers sign Draisaitl to ELC
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08-14-2014, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
Not sure why the ELC for top 5's really take this long, is there anything to really discuss?

I don't really care either way, but it just seems odd.
I suspect the delay has to do with the fact that both sides are extremely busy and know the contract will get done. Player agents might prefer...and teams might have the player be settled in the summer and then sign. Or the team might make a big pressser out of it closer to the draft to drive tickets.

Lots of factors but basically i dont think either side waits or holds out or anything of the sort. Any delay is likely just the fact the player is making his rounds and running all over. Everyone gets the same deals there is really no negotiating on anything. Its the easiest contract for the organization and for the agent.

People should keep this in mind when there are delays on other contracts. Most of the time its just people having other things to do. I know a few teams and agents have waited for special occassions...players parents bday etc to have the contract delivered etc.

People imagine a GM and an Agent in the same room with a big pot of coffee and a crowd of assistants and lawyers and admin standing around fanning air at rattled GM. GM and agent throwing haymakers and squabbling.

Reality...GM calls, says i want to extend soandso. Ok send an offer. Well we are just in the kicking stage...what are you guys thinking? Ok this is what we are thinking...with this comoarable. Ok talk to you next week. And on and on. Hows the summer? Hows your golf game?
Typical big money deals talk.
Both sides normally know if a deal is workable and then both sides arent in a hurry and want to get the best edge for them.
Entry deals are no brainers and go to show that there is more to delays than animosity or tough negotiations. There is very little to negotiate on an elc. All 3rd overalls get the same contract pretty much theres really nothing to discuss. There are some minor tweaks that can be made but in minor things. I believe there are sections that can be changed based on players health concerns and other individual matters.

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