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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
you may have to re-read my post. By last season I mean 2005/2006. Then I compared that to the beginning of this season (say first 3/4 of the season) and said when they didn't have those guys doing what they did the previous season, and had a similar game plan, the results were vastly different. I was pointing out the difference in having Jagr be Jagr and Lundqvist be Lundqvist, as opposed to Jagr and Lundqvist not being on. It makes a huge difference in a team. Just look at how this team performed with Lundqivst performing like a top 5 goalie and a middle-of-the-pack goalie this season. The defense and forwards had far greater balance this season than last, and made up for some of Jagr's slack and Renney did a good job with that. But honestly, one cannot deny the effect of having the most dangerous offensive weapon and a top goalie on your roster - it makes a coach's job much easier (oh, and even this season, when you know you're going to play Jagr 22 minutes per game and know the other team's focus is on Jagr, it helps you roll-out the other three lines).
Yeah, I understood that. Though, we still where in a PO spot, or close to one, without thoose players performing (early this season)...

My point is just that I don't think it makes sense to say that Renney's accomplishments are worth less since we got JJ and Lundy. All successful coaches got good rosters, right? We outshoot the other team something like 55% of the time last season, 05-06. Atlanta outshoot the other team 45% of the time, with a ton of stars.

Herb Brooks won Olympic Gold without a good roster, but besides him its really hard to find many examples of ****** teams that have won anything, and thoose how got anywhere all played a extremely defensive game in a era were that payed off more then anything else.

We just can't look at last years roster, take away JJ and Lundy, and say here Renney, win something with this team... How much cred doesn't Hartly still get for winning the cup with Roy, Blake, Bourque, Forsberg and Sakic among many many other stars.

Considering the circumstances, that we only had Kaspar, Tyutin and Orts on last years team who that started the season before that, that we pretty much only had guys who nobody else wanted, Renney did a heck of a job with that team, something I stated at the time too. Even when taking in account that he had JJ and Lundy.

We had JJ and Lundy, but other teams had Hossa, Kovalchuk and Savard, Alfie, Spezza, Heatly, Chara, Redden and Hasek, Gagne and Forsberg, Broudeur, Elias, Gomez and Gionta, Richard, LeCav and MSL -- you get my point. Sure, Renney probably had a easier job then Hanlon and Terrien, but defenitly not a easier job then the rest of the PO teams. We can't forget that he had to practically start from scratch.

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