Thread: Confirmed with Link: Oilers sign Draisaitl to ELC
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08-15-2014, 04:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Gambl0r83 View Post
Agreed, it is ultimately his choice as he would know what's best for himself, but he will be playing in North American Ice for the rest of his career. He's a young lad, and this is the prime time to develop a player's habits, his Junior Team has already started developing those good habits for him, thus his massive pt production increase.
He's going to be playing with A rated players on a small rink with a lot of physicality, a lot. He goes to Europe, he's playing with B/C rated players on an international rink with little physical play compared to the NHL or AHL. This is why I say this would stunt his growth. It's like a chess connoisseur that's been working his way to play with the best, but goes back to his high school chess club to develop. Derp
The NA ice point is valid and also the fact that there's a point in going back to the people who's already managed to develop him well but the SHL/KHL is waaay stronger than the CHL. And despite being a less physical style of hockey it's tougher to handle the physical play of the euro leagues since you're playing full grown men night in night out. Look at a player like Andre Burakowsky who was pretty much a fill out in the 2nd tier swedish league. Then left for the CHL after his draft year and was over PPG last season. Henrik Samuelsson is another example, he was completely worthless in his stint in the SHL, too slow, too little skill, too weak, he was a superb player in the CHL.

The CHL is a great league for developing young players but let's not pretend it's even close to the best pro leagues in europe in terms of quality.

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