Thread: Confirmed with Link: Oilers sign Draisaitl to ELC
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08-15-2014, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Gambl0r83 View Post
Agreed, it is ultimately his choice as he would know what's best for himself, but he will be playing in North American Ice for the rest of his career. He's a young lad, and this is the prime time to develop a player's habits, his Junior Team has already started developing those good habits for him, thus his massive pt production increase.
He's going to be playing with A rated players on a small rink with a lot of physicality, a lot. He goes to Europe, he's playing with B/C rated players on an international rink with little physical play compared to the NHL or AHL. This is why I say this would stunt his growth. It's like a chess connoisseur that's been working his way to play with the best, but goes back to his high school chess club to develop. Derp
You have absolutely no idea about European hockey, don't you?
Most of the players who play WHL would get eaten alive if they played in one of Europe's top leagues, heck, they would have a hard time being good enough for the DEL right now.

There is a huge - huge - difference between kids and men. Pro leagues have men, they are far more physical than any junior league could ever be, as they have plenty of fully developed and experienced hockey players, not some kids who are still growing.

Apart from the very best prospects, most will have a hard time cutting it in a pro league at age 16-19. It doesn't matter how high the ceiling of the players might be, most players in major junior are still far away from reaching it. The opposite is true for pros, they have already reached their ceiling, and that level is still quite a bit higher than the current level of pretty much every junior player (again, not counting the true elite which is ready for the NHL at age 18, which you can count on one hand).

Even the lesser European leagues have quite the number of former NHL-players or AHL-stars. Those players had more success in their careers than at least 95% of all major junior players can ever dream of achieving.

The reason why moving to Europe is a bad idea, is because the ice surfaces are of a different size and thus lead to a different playing style. There is no reason to have a player jump back and forth between rather different concepts, when he can just as well play in the NHL or spend another year in juniors, something which has never hurt a player's development in any noticeable way.

I find it quite astonishing that two or three people here feel the need to bash a player over a rumour that is based on nothing but hot air. How about you wait until the players himself actually says something of that kind, instead of attacking him over something he probably hasn't even heard about.

The fact that you suggest Draisaitl's first year was poor isn't even worth talking about, it's ridiculous.

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