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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
Even knowledgable hockey fans outside Edmonton would say Gordon is a proper 3rd line Centre who can support his wingers. Its some weird homer attitude that has him below where his talents should have him. Extremely bad for the club to waste such an asset.
Most fans of other teams would say Gordon is a perfect 3rd line Centre. I know lots of flames and nucks fans that would love Gordon as their third C. It doesnt matter if we go with 3 scoring lines...someone needs to support those wingers and the dmen...get loose pucks and help the transition and gap control. I also think if purcell and poopoo are on the same line...its a no brainer to put Gordon with them and then its a perfect third line that could be your key scoring pressure line on any given night.
Its funny how people truly dont acknowledge a guys skill in this town if he cant toe drag.
People peg Gordon as a 4th liber because of his lack of offensive production--many expect 3rd liners to put 30+ points. IMO, Gordon has defensive and face-off ability of a checking line centre--i.e. someone who can play against top competition and not get slaughtered. 4th line centre to me is someone who can provide energy in limited (softer) minutes and PK ability. But you would not normally ice such players against other teams' top offensive players. Lander is a 4th line centre.

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