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08-16-2014, 01:45 PM
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Here is some info I wanted to pass on as a mini plan holder for those on here that are interested in that option.

As a mini plan holder you will get a presale password for each of the first 3 rounds of the playoffs, but not the Finals, as long as you used your chase card when you purchased your mini plan. This will give you the opportunity to buy individual playoff game tickets prior to going on sale to the general public. However, there is a very, very, strong chance you can get a full strip for the playoffs. True story...I contacted MSG to get info about becoming a mini plan holder last year for the 13-14 season this was prior to the 2013 playoffs my rep called me and wanted to know if i wanted to buy a full strip for the 2013 playoffs when I wasn't even a STH yet. When I became a mini plan holder last year, which was my first year being a STH. My rep gave me the option to purchase a full strip for the playoffs again. I'm just reiterating that there is no guarantee, but I was able to get a full strip twice with just a mini plan. Hope this info is helpful.
This is exactly true.

Although keep in mind how good a run the Rangers had this season. So while I firmly believe you'll have a chance to buy a strip for the playoffs, there's a chance the dynamics could change due to the Rangers making the SCF this past year.

On another note, anyone have any idea when we can expect to see our tickets loaded into our accounts?