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08-16-2014, 03:05 PM
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I could see that there is some divide between some players in the dressing room. Every team has various cliques of players... some obviously are best buds and get along with each other well on and off the ice and do a lot together.

There are some (usually vets) that get along with just about everyone but aren't superchummy with anyone in particular and maybe aren't as much into what the younger ones are into.... here's where the generation gap somewhat comes into play... video games, music, other hobbies can somewhat divide different types of personalities (and ages) so that socially they don't have as much in common.

Then there's the "loner types" who are somewhat indifferent to the social aspects... they are there to do the job, collect a paycheck and off the ice they really don't have much to do with their teammates.. their focus is elsewhere and/or on their families.

So in short... sometimes it's not a matter of players disliking/hating each other... it's simply that their personalities/ages/interests and lifestyle choices tend to segregate them naturally into various groups.

There are probably some that do dislike or borderline hate each other (on any team... not just the Oilers)... but as long as that doesn't affect on-ice performance... so be it... not everyone in life will get along with each other.

Just like here in the forums we all see things differently and are coming from various age groups and various backgrounds... same story with players on a hockey team.

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