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Originally Posted by 488fitter View Post
I'm rooting for Yak like everyone else, but it was extremely frustrating to watch him fail time and time again at trying to skate through an entire team when a simple pass was available. I'm sure he's been told many times by coaches and teammates at this level to utilize his linemates more often instead of trying to do it all on his own. If he continues to not listen, I see only one other option to teach him a lesson. Don't pass him the puck. As a competitive guy, and one that likes to be engaged in whatever sport I'm playing, if a teammate is an extreme puck/ball hog, you better believe I'm less inclined and more hesitant to pass him the puck/ball. I have no issues with tough love if there's a lesson to be learned.
Dude it was Yaks first full season in the NHL. You expect him to not have some deficiencies in his game? Hall RNH and Eberle had deficiencies and problems in there first 2 seasons. Heck all 3 still have some problems. You seriously don't wanna give a pure goal scorer like Yak more time? Look at what Johansen has turned into. LOL you think not passing the puck to him is teaching him a lesson??? What is this? Peewee hockey??

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