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Originally Posted by Psycho Dad View Post
So who gives a **** what they think, then? Don't project their **** on the whole fan base.
Easy there, Tex. I don't think I'm running down a whole fan base on the basis of Smid's reception. To be clear, the fans that booed were 2 parts the idiots I referred to above, and 1 part rational individuals whose booing I simply don't understand. By no means did everyone boo; it was just way more than I believe Smid deserved given his demonstrated character and commitment to the city and franchise.

But in addition, I'm making a comment on and positing a theory for, a tendency that I've observed over the years, that has - imo - seen an increase in booing of players that return to Rexall ice wearing a different uniform. You better believe it happens in other centres; I can imagine that Philly would be one in light of fans there having apparently infamously booed an appearance by Santa. But it doesn't mean that it looks good on us when it happens here.

And I'm suggesting that it's the remnant of our fan base having been screwed for many years with players leaving town for various reasons (financial, weather-related, wives... etc). I don't recall Glenn Anderson, for instance, having been booed when he returned as a Blue or a Leaf. Nor Kurri as a King. Because the great exodus was only beginning then, and we had yet to be slighted.

But gradually, as the franchise came to start spinning its wheels relative to other American teams that were beginning to accrue our talent, it seems to me that a large portion of Oilers fans (NB: not all Oilers fans) developed a resentment and a sense that these departing players were money-hungry and shooting for "greener pastures" than what we had to offer.

Ultimately, the expressions of this resentment seem to have been carried forward over the years and is common nowadays. It'll be interesting to see, for instance, how portions of the fan base respond to Gagner's return. Are these fans entitled to boo? Of course. I'm simply not the biggest fan of it happening around me when I don't see any reason for it.

Just an opinion, is all.

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