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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
Well our centres are Hopkins, LD, Gordon and one of Lander or Acrobello.

I imagine we'll see Gordon take a fair number of defensive zone face offs away from the others.

At least that's what I'd be doing if I were the coach.
That doesnt mean putting him with plugs though.
He fared pretty well for points when he was getting decent players to play with at the beginning of the year...and i cant say anyone felt they werent getting lots of touches with him.

I would think youd want to do more than have Gordon win a back check...a face off and then throw pucks away to crap linemates. I just dont understand it myself. Just because he is the centre on the line doesnt mean you cant have offense from it and have to give up. But that is essentially what will happen with hendricks and scrub with him.

Just because you want three scoring lines doesnt mean you want them to bleed chances or let your wingers get tied up in a defensive zone attack.

Oh and if only one guy is handling all defensive draws...count on his shoulder giving out by january.

As an opposing coach i love it. Gordon and plugs...i send out my best players...even forwards as dmen. No risks. They wont be able to do anything if they get the puck anyways. Then my beasts are ready to drive hall and eberle and yak through the glass. Well rested. Id also make gordon a target...especially if i am a div rival. Nail his shoulders every chance. Dont even need to pay attention to that line or give them any respect. Please send them out lots:-)

Now, what does work? Put different scorers on one of the other wings, switch them up throughout the game...then you actually might get respect rather than a drewling opposing coach.

One month and a bit before we see for sure.

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