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04-12-2007, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by off_the_shneid View Post
I am a Sharks fan and I don't believe that it was intent to injure. Hartnell was going for a clean hit hit, and Cheechoo side-stepped it a little late. As Cheech moved, however, Hartnell moved his right knee as is evident in the picture above. The fact is that Hartnell kneed and elbowed Cheechoo. Cheech lost a tooth from the elbow and he sprained his knee. Did Hartnell intend to do this going into the hit? No. But when Cheechoo moved, he reacted and stuck out his knee, probably to slow him down. Luckily, Cheechoo lifted his skate just in time and avoided serious injury.

Bottom line: Hartnell stuck his knee out and Cheech was in a bad position and got injured.
but there was no elbow.

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