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04-12-2007, 09:35 PM
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From Braindead:
"The refs. What???????????? Yes, I said it. The refs were good...over 5 periods. Over 3 periods they had a few too many mistakes to get a passing grade (see below) but over the course of 5 periods it was fine (there will always, in every game be missed calls and often a really badly missed call so I think complaints about officiating should be used very sparingly notwithstanding its popularity on our boards). Most importantly they let the teams decide things in the 2 OT periods, as it should be.

The Tootoo boarding call- I think the refs in the last 3 games have clearly sent a signal that a clampdown has been ordered. I'm fine with calling his stupid hits but I think he is being put under the microscope because it hurts to get hit by him."

A couple of astute points. I don't think the reffing was as god awful as made out on these boards...questionable calls both ways.

Also, I think Tootoo is going to battling his reputation with the refs for the rest of his career, let alone this series.

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