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08-20-2014, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
I'm pretty sure if anyone knew my new job used all google webapps everyone I know would laugh at me for being a Microsoft person put into this situation. I'm having a real tough time adapting though because I hate Gmail and Google Calendar. Exchange works fine with my Windows Phone, but I can't merge Google with Microsoft at all in the cloud because Google has hard blocks in place.

It's interesting the way the company built everything with web apps, that's for sure. (Combination of Drive, Calendar, Mail, etc), but damn is it annoying at the same time. is such a better mail client, neither have a good Calendar system.

Oh and it looks like I'll be in Boston all next month for my first client... sweet.
My company uses Google for everything as well... I freaking hate it! My work computer works okay with Google app sync, but everything else is always a mess because if you use your phone or tablet for anything it doesn't sync correctly and all sorts of weird errors happen when I log back into my work computer. I don't mind gmail for my personal email, but for my work email it is absolutely terrible so I refuse to make the switch from Outlook.

I don't think many companies would be using gmail as their email client if it wasn't so damn cheap to use Google for that and everything else that comes with it. Microsoft is crazy expensive when you get a bunch of users, and Google is pennies on the dollar in comparison.

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